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IHMC is an interdisciplinary, not-for-profit research institute of the Florida University System and is affiliated with several Florida universities. Created at the University of West Florida, IHMC has locations in both Pensacola and Ocala. The Ocala campus is located near three major university research partners in Florida’s centrally located tech corridor.  IHMC has been a vocal advocate for downtown revitalization in both their locations. IHMC chose the former Ocala public library downtown as its home, because it believes a vibrant downtown is both good for the community and the people who work at IHMC.

Researchers at IHMC pioneer technologies aimed at leveraging and extending human capabilities, cognitive, perceptual and physical.   Our research falls into three broad categories: Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence; Robotics and Exoskeletons; and Healthspan, Resilience, and Performance. Given the interdisciplinary nature of our work, the opportunity for collaboration and crossover makes IHMC a unique space for researchers who can work in teams across disciplines.

While its researchers are considered rockstars in the world of science and it’s scientific breakthroughs are changing the world, IHMC is more than a world-renowned research organization. It is an enthusiastic corporate citizen.

IHMC hosts a number of community outreach programs, including their free evening lecture series, featuring speakers who are experts in their fields and elevating the community conversation on a monthly basis. IHMC’s evening lecture videos have been utilized throughout adult/senior learning programs and within the local school system to supplement classroom learning. STEM-Talk, currently the #1 science and technology podcast in the nation, is widely listened to throughout the educational/technological community in Marion County.

IHMC also contributes to the community with STEM outreach programs for youth, including Science Saturdays and Robotics camps. They have expanded their outreach into the public school system and organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club. They have also partnered with the Public Education Foundation for teacher training/support for robotics clubs in schools.

IHMC partners regularly with city activities and hosts local business meetings and conferences. They provide meaningful opportunities for partners/sponsors to participate in their outreach and community programs.

IHMC is truly a habitat for innovation and has developed an active community, bringing people of all ages together in the spirit of discovery and enlightenment. It’s introducing many young minds to hands-on and exciting science activities.

Today, you can help us shape the future!