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Connect. Equip. Empower.

I AM MY SISTER’S KEEPER connects, equips, and empowers women to elevate every area of their lives including emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual well-being. Our vision is to create a world where women are empowered to achieve their God-given purpose. We strive to connect women, inspiring and equipping them to thrive while achieving their dreams purposes and goals.

I AM MY SISTER’s KEEPER was born out of both triumph and tragedy in the life of founder, Lady Pinkie Tuggerson. In the same year she felt the call to lead a women’s ministry, her only daughter was diagnosed with cancer and unexpectedly passed away at 32 years old, leaving behind two young daughters. Through her pain and newfound purpose in raising her two granddaughters, Lady Pinkie continued to follow the call to minister to women from all walks of life, from the business executive to the prison inmate. As she witnessed the testimonies and trials of these women, she found herself not only strengthened but also inspired to connect women to one another in a way that would inspire and empower them to pursue their dreams and purposes through all seasons of life.

I AM MY SISTER’S KEEPER is creating a community where women can share their experiences and expertise and grow inwardly and outwardly. As women uncover and maximize their gifts and talents while standing on a solid foundation of sisterhood, they move beyond simply striving in daily life to thriving in their communities and beyond.