Support The Rock Program

The Rock Rooms, strategically situated within multiple middle and high schools in Marion and Lake County, serve as vital hubs for addressing the essential needs of local students. Our mission is to instill hope for the future by empowering students in the present. Operated and staffed by dedicated community volunteers, these rooms offer a spectrum of resources, including food, clothing, hygiene products, and counseling.

Named ‘The Rock’ for its role as a dependable foundation, the rooms embody reliability and support. Students can confidently rely on The Rock to fulfill their basic needs, both physical and emotional. With your assistance, we provide indispensable resources such as school supplies, food, toiletries, and more. Our volunteers are available throughout the school day to assist students, ensuring they find what they need and offering a compassionate ear when required.

Beyond addressing physical needs, The Rock Rooms also extend support to students navigating challenging emotional times through partnerships with local organizations and counselors. The fundamental belief is that every student should have access to the necessities that enable them to be adequately prepared for a day of learning. The Rock fosters an environment where students feel accepted and supported, whether they require school supplies, clothing, hygiene products, food, or simply a listening ear.