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Do you ever feel overwhelmed or confused about how to best respond to the needs in Marion County?

Do you want to make an impact and aren’t sure about the best way to do it?

Are you a tax or financial advisor with clients who are seeking to make tax deductible contributions?

Is your nonprofit struggling to stay organized, funded, and on mission?

Do you want to explore creative public/private solutions to a complex community problem?

Do you want to leave a legacy but get some guidance on how to start doing that now?

Do you want to participate in making a lasting impact in your community?

If so, we can help.







We make supporting and sustaining the causes that strengthen Marion County easy.

At the Community Foundation, we recognize you want to raise the quality of life in Marion County. But in order to do that, you need to make an impact on our community. Unfortunately, there are so many needs that knowing where to get started can feel daunting. It leaves many people feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. But Marion County actually possesses everything required to support and sustain its own needs, and we exist to help people break through the paralysis and start making an impact.


As Marion County’s Community Foundation, we too feel the overwhelming nature of the problems our community faces. But our range of charitable services has helped countless individual givers, tax and financial advisors, nonprofits, and public/private groups start making an impact. Making an impact is actually far easier than you think. It’s really simple. First, click the get started button below. Next, choose your area of interest. Then, start enjoying the satisfaction that comes when you activate your passions to meet Marion County needs.

So, click the get started button, and in the meantime, download the 2023 Impact Report to learn about how your partnership is raising the quality of life in Marion County!

Get your FREE copy of the 2023 Impact Report!

Get your FREE copy of the 2023 Impact Report and learn about how the Community Foundation is facilitating creative partnerships in the public and private sector to solve our communities most significant needs. Find out how you can join in making a lasting impact in Marion County.