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Ocala , Florida

Ocala , Florida


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building community in Ocala / Marion County, Florida.

Our Mission & Vision

“We will serve as a – CONVENER – COLLABORATOR – CATALYST – for community building through philanthropic funding for CIVIC, COMMUNITY, CULTURAL, and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.”

Our Community Foundation will serve as the centralized portal for philanthropic giving and a unified voice for all local non-profit entities.

Our Promises

  • To be the centralized portal for philanthropic giving
  • To be a center of excellence for investment portfolio management for both endowments and operating funds
  • To be the source for extraordinary grant making opportunities
  • To be the key resource and facilitator for the non-profit community
  • To be the key access point to targeted resources that best fulfill the needs of our community
  • To be the premier place with which to do business for both donors and non-profits alike.

What We Do

We foster community building through charitable giving.
  • Ocala/Marion County is home to over 1000 non-profit organizations
  • We connect these non-profits to gifting opportunities   

Giving through a Community Foundation is distinct…
  • We create personalized gifting experiences:
  • Multiple charitable giving vehicles
  • Customized giving  matched to personal interests
  • Legacy giving via Donor Advised Funds

How You Can Help:

Artful Giving Collections

Post-Election Conversation...

(03/03/2017) A fascinating article posted by RUTH MCCAMBRIDGE, editor of the NONPROFIT QUARTERLY...let the conversations begin...Your Nonprofit’s Role in Reframing the Post-Election Discourse By NAT KENDALL-TAYLOR AND SUSAN NALL BALES | February 16, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      What should we do as members of the nonprofit sector to assess the impact of this election on the sector’s future well-being? What should we pay attention to as we try to figure out what the election means for the landscape of ideas in which we operate, the work that we do, and the goals that we strive to achieve? How are we to think of our roles in bringing communities together to improve outcomes for all people, protect habitats, and make the world a more peaceful place? How can we continue to lead organizations with long histories that transcend presidents and parties to successfully provide services? The current context is fraught with both peril and puzzle...So, what are nonprofits to do going into 2017? For starters, if we want smarter citizens, we must promote better explanations of how the world works. This is not about slogans or niche marketing. It requires real community conversations about the nature of the problems that confront us and our options in addressing them. Those conversations will likely begin in problem mode, so they require significant reframing if people are to be able to enlist slow thinking and train it on solutions. This has been the fallacy of community convenings and deliberative democracy efforts that ignore the cognitive sciences in favor of a “truth will set them free” approach. Perceptions of the truth are frame dependent. It falls to those of us who want to work with our neighbors, coworkers, and all whose fate we share to figure out how to get us back into the commons and reasoning together. Remind people of the values they hold for their communities, of the places they want their children and grandchildren to enjoy, of the institutions that have served people well in the past, and of the responsibility we share in building well-being for all Americans. In true American fashion, there will be hundreds of imagined Americas that result from that thinking as we experiment with various ways to bring it about.

APPLAUSE - Muns Scholarship Recipients...

(03/03/2017)   Applause Nursing scholarships awarded by FoundationFriday, March 3, 2017 at 3:10 by Susan AllenOcala Star BannerEight Angelica G. Muns Nursing Scholarships of $2,000 each were recently awarded to nursing students. From left are Rasmussen College Dean Karen Guty, students Kristie Navarro, Melissa Balkcom, Luke Bishop, Ronni Carter, Lauren Dresher, Magan Watts and Cidney Williams, and Community Foundation Executive Director Barbara Fitos. Beth McCall (left), Barbara Fitos (right), flank Therese McPherson scholarship recipient Kristie Navarro.

Angelica G. Muns Nursing Scholarships -...

(02/24/2017) February 24, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:   Barbara Fitos Phone: (352) 804-0306 Email: Angelica G. Muns Nursing Scholarships Awarded by The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County   Ocala, Fla 2/24/17 – The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County is pleased to announce the Spring 2017 Angelica G. Muns Nursing Scholarship recipients.  Two of our Fall 2016 recipients were eligible again for the recurring scholarships – Aleida Martinez and Kristie Navarro.  Aleida will complete her Associates degree in Nursing at the College of Central FL in December 2017.  Kristie completed her AS in Nursing in December 2016 and is now seeking her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the College of Central FL.   Kristie is the recipient of the Therese V. McPherson Scholarship for nursing students who “bridge” programs toward an advanced nursing degree.   This scholarship was established by Dr. Lon McPherson, former SVP of Medical Affairs at Munroe Regional, in loving memory of his wife Therese. Eight (8) new scholarships in the amount of $2000 each were awarded to the following nursing students: Christopher Glenn/Jacksonville University Luke Bishop/College of Central Florida Melissa Balkcom/Rasmussen College Ronni Carter/Rasmussen College Lauren Dresher/Rasmussen College Caroline Pettellat/Rasmussen College Magan Watts/Rasmussen College Cidney Williams/Rasmussen College The awards ceremony was held on Thursday, January 26th at the new campus of Rasmussen College School of Nursing graciously hosted by Dean Karen Guty. Administering the Muns Nursing Scholarship is in keeping with the overall mission of the Community Foundation to serve as a – CONVENER – COLLABORATOR – CATALYST – for community building.   The Foundation serves as a centralized portal for philanthropic giving and a unified voice for all local non-profit entities and the causes they champion. For more information on the Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County please visit  or contact Barbara Fitos, Executive Director, at (352) 507-8116.    From Left to Right:  Dean Karen Guty, Kristie Navarro, Melissa Balkcom, Luke Bishop, Ronni Carter, Lauren Dresher, Magan Watts, Cidney Williams, Barbara Fitos Beth McCall (l) & Barbara Fitos (r) With Therese McPherson Scholarship Recipient Kristie Navarro (c)  

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