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Ocala , Florida


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building community in Ocala / Marion County, Florida.

Our Mission & Vision

“We will serve as a – CONVENER – COLLABORATOR – CATALYST – for community building through philanthropic funding for CIVIC, COMMUNITY, CULTURAL, and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.”

Our Community Foundation will serve as the centralized portal for philanthropic giving and a unified voice for all local non-profit entities.

Our Promises

  • To be the centralized portal for philanthropic giving
  • To be a center of excellence for investment portfolio management for both endowments and operating funds
  • To be the source for extraordinary grant making opportunities
  • To be the key resource and facilitator for the non-profit community
  • To be the key access point to targeted resources that best fulfill the needs of our community
  • To be the premier place with which to do business for both donors and non-profits alike.

What We Do

We foster community building through charitable giving.
  • Ocala/Marion County is home to over 1000 non-profit organizations
  • We connect these non-profits to gifting opportunities   

Giving through a Community Foundation is distinct…
  • We create personalized gifting experiences:
  • Multiple charitable giving vehicles
  • Customized giving  matched to personal interests
  • Legacy giving via Donor Advised Funds

How You Can Help:

Artful Giving Collections


(11/18/2015)   9 Middle Schools - 538 Students - 7 Semesters - 19 Charities/Non-Profits - $9500 in GrantsThe Community Foundation is proud to sponsor Youth Philanthropy in Action - a program of the Non-Profit Business Council of the Ocala/Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership.  Begun in 2012, this new and innovative program was a featured story – “Generation Generous” in The Ocala Charity Register – November 2011.  Students are introduced early on to the concept of "philanthropy" and come to understand that each in their own way can make a difference in their community. The results were overwhelming in the depth of student engagement, the depth of their research, but most importantly the depth of their passion for their respective causes. The pilot was held at Blessed Trinity's 8th grade social studies classes early in 2012. Following the presentation at Blessed Trinity, the Foundation hosted an editorial board review with the Ocala Star Banner during which the students themselves told their stories of what the program meant to them. From  Brad Rogers’ column -“The Young Philanthropists”. (OSB 3-11-12)“The thing is very simple,” said Frank Hennessey, an industrialist/financier/horse farm owner who is the driving  force behind the Community Foundation. “Awareness.  Awareness of the need and awareness of their ability to do  something about it...   Yes, it’s simple... But oh so important... An on top of that, it sure does feel good." The Community Foundation has established a designated fund for this wonderfully successful program. We welcome sponsors and donors to continue to grow the fund that encourages and supports the next generation of community philanthropists.  Click here to access our YPIA DONATE NOW link  

Community Foundation To Administer Lux Trust

(07/29/2015) fund to be administered by foundationTuesday, July 14, 2015 at 4:26 by Susan Smiley-HeightThe Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County has announced that the Munroe Regional Health System District Board of Trustees has given the foundation the Paul Lux Trust Scholarship Fund to administer.The Lux Trust was given to Munroe Regional Medical Center upon the death of Paul Lux in 2005. The trust was established for scholarships for people pursuing careers as radiology or medical technologists, respiratory therapists, speech and language pathologists and midwifery. The current value of the trust is $311,000.Scholarship criteria and an application process will be established by the foundation. In accordance with the terms of the trust, all scholarship recipients must agree to use the training received to care for patients at Munroe Regional Medical Center for at least one year after completing their education/training.“We are honored to add the Paul Lux Trust and its scholarship legacy to our family of managed funds,”  Founding Chairman Frank Hennessey stated in a news release.Hennessey noted that access to education and training opportunities in these key medical technology fields will stimulate job growth and provide critical skills training essential for quality medical care vital to the community.Administering the Lux Trust for medical technology scholarships is in keeping with the overall mission of the Community Foundation to serve as a – CONVENER – COLLABORATOR – CATALYST – for community building, the release noted.The foundation serves as a centralized portal for philanthropic giving and a unified voice for all local non-profit entities and the causes they champion.For more information about the Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County, visit or contact Executive Director Barbara Fitos at 507-8116.

Tell Stories That Drive Change - Ann Christiano

(07/22/2015) ​Ann Christiano, the Frank and Betsy Karel Endowed Chair in Public Interest Communication and Professor of Public Relations at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications gave the keynote address at the FL Philanthropic Network Summer Meeting in Tampa in June. Named the 2014-2015 University of Florida Teacher of the Year, Ann's talk focused on the power of stories to drive change.She noted the work of Paul Zak, author of The Moral Molecule,  in particular the impact of social networking,  as well as the work of Charles Fernyhough whose groundbreaking book on stories and memory - Pieces of Light - is referenced here as well.  A highlight of her presentation was the remarkable story of "Immortal Fans" the branding campaign for organ donors in Brazil - home to some of the world's greatest and most passionate soccer fans.Ann Christiano will be the featured keynote speaker at the Non-Profit Business Council's fall seminar...look for more details to follow...“Stories are powerful because they transport us into other people’s worlds but, in doing that, they change the way our brains work ”Paul Zak, neuroeconomics

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