Housing Finance Authority of Marion County Fund

The Housing Finance Authority of Marion County (HFA) a separate public body corporate and politic located in Marion County and authorized by Chapter 159. Part IV, Florida Statutes established by the Board of Commissioners. It exists to help families and individuals in the City of Ocala and Marion County with affordable housing. The HFA’s mission is to “increase the availability of essential housing within Marion County”. The HFA can also issue bond funding to developers building affordable multi-family housing units for residents who desire rental opportunities. Affordable workforce housing is in need throughout the County. Marion County is experiencing massive growth with hundreds of people moving into the county every month.


Basic Facts:

  • Marion County is one of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Metros in the US @ a 2.1% growth rate with 159 people moving in every week between the ages of 30-39
  • According to US News and Report Marion County ranks 6th fastest growing metro in the United States and 16th in Best Place for retirement
  • Approximately 200 people moving into Marion County every week
  • Median Household Income grew 31.4% faster than the US Average 2016-2020.
  • Essential housing is a key community asset
  • Affordable housing is not substandard housing



How You and the Community Can Get involved:

  • The HFA has established an account at the Community Foundation to accept cash and land donation
  • Every development will have a “Walkway of Progress” on the property made form bricks and/or pavers with donor’s name