Support the Wear Gloves, Inc. Fund

Wear Gloves currently employs 95+ people every week who would otherwise be struggling to have a job. We also have 60+ people on our waitlist who are willing and ready to work that we are forced to turn away.

To address this need, we are expanding our Dignity Center by building a new on-site facility.

This new food-safe building will enable us to increase our capacity and accept outsourcing work from our partners. With this expansion, we can offer stable employment to those on our waitlist, ensuring no one is turned away who is ready for a positive change.

At Wear Gloves, we empower the underserved to overcome generational trauma, break cycles of dependency, and rewrite their narratives with dignity.

Using our “Dignity Not Dependency” model, we know that the way to experience real progress and personal growth is to be an active participant. At Wear Gloves, we remind people that they are valuable and show them how they can experience the joy of putting their gloves on and working toward their future.

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