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The Community Foundation is honored to welcome the NonProfit Business Council as our newest collaborative initiative. The Non-Profit Business Council is a group comprised of more than 100+ area non-profits with a mission to promote the positive economic impact of nonprofits; strengthen their leadership capacity; and promote collaboration and philanthropic education throughout the community.    Founded in 2009 under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce [now the Chamber and Economic Partnership], the NPBC leverages the incredible generosity of this giving community while recognizing that when charities come together to share knowledge and resources, all are stronger for that effort.  

The evolution of the NPBC since its inception in 2009 has been exponential. In addition to knowledge sharing through annual seminars and monthly programming, the NPBC established the CEO Roundtable, enabling the Non-Profit CEOs and Executive Directors  to network and share best practices thus becoming a powerful voice in advocacy and policy discussions to benefit philanthropy.   The NPBC under the auspices of the CEP also launched an annual events calendar to avoid overlap in fund raising events to maximize fund raising efforts and impact - all to the benefit of their clients - the citizens of Ocala/Marion County.

Perhaps the most significant achievement of the NPBC was the creation of the Youth Philanthropy in Action [YPIA] iniative - a six week course of study designed for 8th grade middle school students to introduce them to the concept of philanthropy.   See more on this program here. 

As the mission of the CEP continued to evolve so too did that of the NPBC  with both recognizing that the community they represented would be better served if the work of the NPBC continued under the auspices of the Community Foundation.   As with so many successful initiatives of the CEP, including the Community Foundation, the CEP "blessed and released" the NPBC to the Community Foundation.  

Membership is open to all designated 501c3 non profits in Ocala Marion County.  Cost is $50 per year...
Download the membership application here.

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Non-Profit S.E.E.K. - Search, Educate, Empower, Know

The Community Foundation is establishing an online membership and donor resource with vital information about nonprofits serving Ocala Marion County who are members of the NPBC.  SEEK contains detailed and validated information including a link of the nonprofit website.  It is designed to help donors easily find organization they want to support in order to make informed giving decisions.  Each "portrait" provides in-depth information about a nonprofit's mission, programs, finances, management and governance.  SEEK will inform and educate potential donors about quality of life issues that impact our community and guide them in sound investment decisions for the causes they care about.

Benefits to our Non-Profit Partners:

  • Increases awareness of your organization with potential donors
  • Provides a FREE source of marketing and outreach with links to your website 
  • Tells your story at all levels, including management, governance, programs, and financials
  • Helps the community understand the need for your services and your results

If you are a 501 (c) (3) serving Marion County, we invite your organization to take full advantage of this partnership.

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