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“We need to leverage the resources and talents of all local governments, private businesses and community organizations toward a common goal…if we are to return to a higher level of economic prosperity.”

Doing More for Jobs, Executive Summary
Marion County Board of County Commissioners

Reasons for philanthropic giving are as varied and diverse as are donors themselves.

As our community positions itself for economic recovery and a return to prosperity for all our citizens – never has the need been greater or the opportunity timelier. Your Community Foundation is committed to building community. As our six promises state we pledge to be your key portal for philanthropic giving, offering exceptional portfolio management services, extraordinary grant making opportunities, dedicated and experienced community leadership through our Board and staff while serving as the resource to the non-profit community in Ocala Marion County.

Join with us in this vital community endeavor…we are your colleagues, your neighbors, your extended family – enabling you to make a difference right here in Ocala Marion County…we mirror and exemplify the 10 top reasons people give to community foundations:

Source: Council on Foundations
Community Foundation Handbook

  • Local organization with deep community roots: Your Community Foundation was founded as a key strategic initiative of the Ocala Marion County Chamber of Commerce, in existence since 1896 and dedicated to improving the business climate, economy & quality of life in Ocala and Marion County.

  • Board and Staff with broad expertise regarding community issues and needs: Founding Chairman Frank Hennessey is a dedicated and passionate philanthropist who cares deeply about community. He has brought together a diverse board of directors with successful business and philanthropic experience, dedicated and far reaching community involvement, and a focused commitment to community building.

  • Executive Director Barbara Fitos has lived and worked in Ocala Marion County for over 30 years – a retired banking executive, former County Commissioner, and dedicated community partner, Barbara knows and understands Ocala Marion County and brings her unique 30 year perspective and engagement to this key role.

  • Highly personalized service tailored to each donor’s charitable and financial interests: Your community foundation is building an investment portfolio that will cater to the unique and diverse needs of its donors – enabling you to target your philanthropic giving to those specific community needs about which you are most passionate.

  • Link donors to the causes they care about most: Ocala Marion County is an extraordinarily caring and giving community – with over 1000 non-profits serving the needs of our citizens, a vibrant giving culture – highlighted most recently and dramatically by the Bring the Harvest Home food drive, the seasonal Community with a Heart – successful Foundations for the Arts, Education, Healthcare – a vibrant and engaged faith community all share that spirit of giving that is the very definition of philanthropy.

  • Can accept wide variety of assets and can facilitate complex forms of giving: Offering premier investment management services, your community foundation will not only grow your philanthropic legacy but will provide seamless access to charities and non-profits in our community that are fully vetted – to assure maximum transparency and leverage of your charitable dollars.

  • Partner with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving: Our outreach to the Estate Planning Council and sponsorship of their Estate Planning Services Seminar provides a unique opportunity to leverage these partnerships all with the goal of maximizing your philanthropic giving and assuring that you as a donor are matched with the community organizations and the needs about which you care the most.

  • Offer maximum tax advantage under state and federal law: In these difficult economic times – times of diminishing resources, the ability to leverage donations is key to building sustainable communities. Your Community Foundation is that portal that assures that our donors can maximize and leverage their giving.

  • Multiply the impact of charitable and philanthropic gift dollars through leveraged pooling with other grants and gifts: Your Community Foundation offers the platform which not only assures the potential of higher rates of return – but through our pooled resources, can also offer advantageous fee structures.

  • Build permanent, legacy funds for long term, generational benefits: Given the rich demographics of our community – legacy giving is paramount to assure that we leave a better world for our children and our children’s children.

  • Are recognized community leaders, convening agencies and coordinating resources to create lasting and positive change: Your Community Foundation – not only through our Board Committees – but through our professional advisory group, our grants research committee, our non-profit council links – all comprised of volunteers who themselves appreciate and understand the value added of a Community Foundation – has built a philanthropic network of caring citizens who want to pay it forward – who understand the concept of “paying your civic rent” – of neighbor helping neighbor.